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He also played a very major role in determining the place value system and discovering the zero. He also worked on the summation series of square roots and cube roots. He is also regarded as the first to use zero in the place value system.

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He also calculated the sidereal rotation, which is the rotation of the earth in relation to the fixed stars. His theories and deductions formed the base of the trigonometry and algebra. This great astronomer wrote the famous treatise Aryabhatiya, which was based on astronomy in AD. Aryabhatiya — a treatise that solved various mysteries related to astronomy Aryabhatiya is a treatise that includes various facts related to Hindu mathematics and astronomy that appeared during those times.

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Contribution in the approximation of pi Aryabhatta is among the mathematicians who brought new deductions and theories in mathematics and astronomy. His role in the place value system He also played a very major role in determining the place value system and discovering the zero.

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Aditi June 6th, The results of this analysis showed that beautiful formulas stimulated activity in same field, namely field A1 of the medial orbito-frontal cortex mOFC , as other researchers have identified as the seat of experience of beauty from other sources.

This is an entirely satisfactory result.

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It gives an experimental validation of the mathematicians' intuition that they are experiencing the same qualitative states qualia as are experienced in other modalities from architecture and sculpture, to poetry and music. So what exactly is the source of mathematical beauty? In the arts, "beauty" can be accounted for, at least in part, by well-understood harmonies, distributions of colors or other factors.

But what about mathematics?

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When we have before us a fine map, in which the line of the coast, now rocky, now sandy, is clearly indicated, together with the winding of the rivers, the elevations of the land, and the distribution of the population, we have the simultaneous suggestion of so many facts, the sense of mastery over so much reality, that we gaze at it with delight, and need no practical motive to keep us studying it, perhaps for hours altogether.

A map is not naturally thought of as an aesthetic object And yet, let the tints of it be a little subtle, let the lines be a little delicate, and the masses of the land and sea somewhat balanced, and we really have a beautiful thing; a thing the charm of which consists almost entirely in its meaning, but which nevertheless pleases us in the same way as a picture or a graphic symbol might please.

Give the symbol a little intrinsic worth of form, line and color, and it attracts like a magnet all the values of things it is known to symbolize. It becomes beautiful in its expressiveness. This captures the aesthetic in mathematics: balancing form and content, syntax and semantics, utility and autonomy. Why should the non-mathematician care about things of this nature? The foremost reason is that mathematics is beautiful, even if it is, sadly, more inaccessible than other forms of art.

The second is that it is useful, and that its utility depends in part on its certainty, and that that certainty cannot come without a notion of proof. Some argue that mathematical principles are experienced as "beautiful" because they point directly to the fundamental structure of the universe. It is clear that Greek mathematicians used all the logics to propound specific set of rules in the history of mathematics. Babylonian mathematics is also very crucial with the perspective of understanding the history of mathematics.

Mesopotamian people gave their huge contribution into the Islamic mathematics.

Essay on Importance of Zero in Mathematics

The early civilization of Mesopotamian people provides the evidence about metrology system that is termed as highly complex in nature. Further, the multiplication calculations along with geometrical and divisional problems were also grew in the era of BC to BC. Some clay tablets have been recovered which provided the evidence about using the algebra, quadratic and cubic equations.

The numeral system for Babylonian was based on sexagesimal numerical system that is generally based on Thus, it is clear that current time system like 60 seconds in one minute, 60 minutes in one hour, etc. They just used the same place value system in decimal value.

However, there were certain controversies into the principles and concepts given by the Babylonian mathematicians that are still required to be proved. This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Ahead the Egyptian work is also equally useful with the perspective of the history of mathematics. The major work of Egyptian mathematicians is the Rhind papyrus and Moscow Papyrus.

What is the origin of zero? How did we indicate nothingness before zero?

The Rhind papyrus is the work related to the formulas and methods related to division and unit fractions. Further, the multiplications and rules related to composite and prime numbers also come into the category of Rhind Papyrus. The solutions of linear series as well as the arithmetic and geometric solutions is also a part of Egypt mathematician works. In China also the role of mathematics was immense with respect to the deliver lots of contribution into such subject.

There are proofs that in China the value of pie was known to the seven places to the decimal that was highly more than the west mathematicians. The pattern to solve the linear equations in China was also advanced as compare to western countries. The Gaussian reduction is something that has a high level of relevancy into the mathematics history of China. Further, the role of India is also immense within the development of mathematics. But Indians use the calculations in astronomy just to predict the stars consequences.

Thus, it is clear that the calculation is very old in the Indian number system. The zero has been propounded by the Indian mathematician and most importantly it was passed on to the western countries through Islamic mathematician. Thus, it is clear that the basis of modern mathematics has been put by the Indian mathematician.

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The Maya civilization is something that has huge level of relevancy with the development of Zero into the numerical value system. They number base was twenty and most significant contribution is related to providing the calendar dates. Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid, Apollonius, Archemedes, etc. In different centuries, these mathematicians show their relevance to the math and its related concepts.

The Pythagoras theorem is something that has changed the dimensions completely.