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Peacekeeping missions have employed effective strategies, including transitional justice initiatives, disarmament and repatriation programs, economic development schemes, improved policing methods and institution building.

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However, further study of the timing and sequence of such activities in the context of particular conflicts must include the variables of hostility level, local capacity and international capacity. Given the UN's limited resources, such research could lead to the improved effectiveness and efficiency of peacekeeping mission design and an increase in the scope and number of successful operations. Examining the concept of ripeness from its theoretical underpinning to its potential application as a peacekeeping tool requires shifting from the traditional use of ripeness theory as a lens for analyzing decisionmakers to developing a concept of societal ripeness.

Ripeness for leaders is not the same as ripeness for societies. Leaders often have particular values and motivations not equally shared by the societies they rule. Jonas Savimbi, late leader of the Angolan movement UNITA, for example, spoke of peace when it seemed a good way to advance his power but returned to advocating war when he lost the general presidential election. By analyzing the two recognized variants of traditional ripeness--natural and cultivated--and by looking at their counterparts on the societal level, one can examine how the potential for ripeness in post-conflict societies can be enhanced by peacekeeping activity even after the leaders have negotiated a ceasefire.

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Journal essay - Expert Custom Essay Writing Service You Can Trust

America has defeated Iraq in the field but, says Paul Robinson, she has not won the battle against terrorism or her enemies in Europe and on the East River. Paul Robinson.

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Shashi Tharoor. Sergio Vieira de Mello Richard C. That gave them no protection.

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The story of the attack through their eyes. Alan Petigny, Joshua Zeits. United Nations intervention in Congo Carter Dougherty.

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Security Council's failures to meet the challenge posed by Saddam Hussein expose greater structural flaws that threaten its viability. Heidi Pauken. Edward C. Terence O'Brien. Sidney Passman. Ken Hanly.

Awards, Grants, & Honors

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Katharine Ainger. Global Insights. John Gerard Ruggie. Lawrence Summers. UN Chronicle Summer v37 i2 p43 Mag. Microcredit: Moving Women Forward. UN Chronicle Summer v37 i2 p75 Mag. Confronting Debt. Including Africa.

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