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The third class of ob all. These include such flashlights and toy-train they never work. They 1 brought home, and then.

The Plot against People Essay - Words | Bartleby

Science is utterly bal about it. The most intel attained the highest statt things that break down a. KER 1umorists and political satirists. He became a reporter ed the New York Times in , louse, and Congress.

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From :Ie wrote a popular column that ble menus and the serious the zer Prize, once for distinguished his autobiography, Growing Up lUtobiography is Looking Back :n collected in books, such as laS also written fiction and chilof American Humor The automobile is typ. It waits the middle of the rush hour, or : on the Ohio Turnpike. Many inanimate objects, of course, find it extremely difficult to break 6 down. Pliers, for example, and gloves and keys are almost totally incapable of breaking down. Therefore, they have had to evolve a different technique for resisting man.

They get lost. Science has still not solved the mystery of how they do it, and no man has ever caught one of them in the act of getting lost.

The plot against people essay

The most plausible theory is that they have developed a secret method of locomotion which they are able to conceal the instant a human eye falls upon them. It is not uncommon for a pair of pliers to climb all the way from the cellar 8 to the attic in its single-minded determination to raise its owner's blood pressure. Keys have been known to burrow three feet under mattresses. Women's purses, despite their great weight, frequently travel through six or seven rooms to find hiding space under a couch. Scientists have been struck by the fact that things that break down virtu- 9 ally never get lost, while things that get lost hardly ever break down.

A furnace, for example, will invariably break down at the depth of the first 10 winter cold wave, but it will never get lost. A woman's purse, which after all does have some inherent capacity for breaking down, hardly ever does; it almost invariably chooses to get lost.

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Some persons believe this constitutes evidence that inanimate objects are 11 not entirely hostile to man, and that a negotiated peace is possible. After all, they point out, a furnace could infuriate a man even. Not everyone agrees, however, that this indicates a conciliatory attitude 12 among inanimate objects. Many say it merely proves that furnaces, gloves and pliers are incredibly stupid. The third class of objects - those that don't work - is the most curious of 13 all.

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  • These include such objects as barometers, car clocks, cigarette lighters, flashlights and toy-train locomotives. It is inaccurate, of course, to say that they never work. They work once, usually for the first few hours after being brought home, and then quit. Thereafter, they never work again. In fact, it is widely assumed that they are built for the purpose of not work- 14 ing. Some people have reached advanced ages without ever seeing some of these objects-barometers, for example-in working order.

    Science is utterly baffled by the entire category. There are many theories 15 about it. The most interesting holds that the things that don't work have attained the highest state possible for an inanimate object, the state to which things that break down and things that get lost can still only aspire.

    If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Barnaby Webster Modified over 4 years ago. Keys get lost. Computers crash.

    Every day, people encounter problems, inconveniences, and other annoyances that make life stressful. In the essay you are about to read, Russell Baker proposes an interesting theory about why such things happen. Bus to school breaks down 2.

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