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After that the trouble begins.

With something as seemingly innocuous as who, exactly, is a terrorist. Neither can the media. India, the analyst claimed indignantly, would be contemplating bombing Pakistan and the Indian army would already have been mobilised on the Pak-India border.

The world at large, the analyst continued, would have pounced on Pakistan for its terrible behaviour. For exactly that scenario — Pakistanis slipping into India to mercilessly kill civilians in a major city — had infamously already occurred.

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In Mumbai. In Had the TV analyst simply forgotten? Surely not.

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Unsaid, though not uncommunicated, was a darker theory: Pakistan is a victim of an international conspiracy, an innocent victim of geopolitics, alone and vulnerable in a Hobbesian world full of militant proxies. It is not even ignorance. It is something quite different.


They are the good guys. The righteous ones brave enough to take on the world in the name of the one true God. The problem was never denial. The problem is the paradigm. The Afghan Taliban are not militants.

Pakistan Has No More Excuses for Supporting Terrorism

Lashkar-e-Taiba — LeT —are not terrorists. And, even more insidiously, there are those within Pakistan who do not believe that Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan is in the wrong. Instead, the belief is that the Pakistani state itself is on the wrong path. In the peak year of , five countries — Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Somalia — accounted for Three of these countries also experienced a dramatic decline in fatalities: a The violence in Ukraine was concentrated in and and associated with the rapid rise of the Euromaidan revolution and culminated in the overthrow of the Russian-backed Ukrainian president.

A downward trend

During the same period, fatalities increased by Total attacks by IS decreased by 2. In Western Europe and the United States, total terrorist attacks are down sharply from the s. In , Western Europe accounted for only 2. That may seem surprising given the amount of media attention generated by a small number of high profile attacks.

Essay on terrorism

In , attacks in Paris took the lives of and injured another In , Western Europe experienced a series of mass casualty attacks carried out by IS and its affiliates in Nice , Brussels and Berlin. In , Americans witnessed the 49 deaths linked to the assault carried out by Omar Mateen in Orlando, Florida. And in attacks and fatalities increased in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Egypt.

Also, while worldwide attacks have declined, a large number of countries are still being targeted.

Essay On Terrorism In Karachi In English

Thus, while terrorist attacks took place in a total of countries in , total countries experiencing attacks was 99 in , in and in Countries only experiencing attacks in included Kazkhstan, Panama and Switzerland. This effect was especially apparent with IS and its affiliates, which claimed fewer attacks and deaths in but at the same time carried out attacks in a larger number of different countries. For example, an argument can be made that terrorist attacks have declined in Afghanistan in part because the Taliban in recent years has been so successful in taking back control of the country.

A similar outcome — but with the regime rather than the terrorist perpetrators gaining control of the situation — no doubt explains declining terrorist attacks and fatalities in Syria.

Peshawar school massacre - Wikipedia

While we have observed major declines in terrorist attacks and fatalities from to , both attacks and fatalities remain at historically high levels. The number of attacks in is Even more strikingly, attacks were more than twice as common in as they were during — the peak year for an earlier wave. One thing is certain: The number of terrorist attacks in a particular region of the world as a whole will eventually peak and then decline. It seems logical to conclude that the chaos and disorder that follow in the wake of terrorist attacks provide strong incentives for societies to adopt strategies for countering them.