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The Concept Of Normal And Abnormal Behavior Psychology Essay

Therefore he drew a conclusion that psychiatric classification could be very inaccurate. Scheff also criticized the classification method in his labeling of theory. He argued that a psychiatric label to a patient might worsen their condition, because they might be treated as though they are mentally ill. On the other hand, psychologists have found it advantageous, and insist that DSM classification has helped in terms of developing and understanding the causes of mental illnesses in different patients. According to Gelder et al. According to ICD classification, 11 major categories can be identified for mental disorders.

However, they are found to be more general than those of DSM. Therefore, it has some extent of reliability, but very limited information on its validity.

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology | Boundless Psychology

The models of abnormality are theories that help to describe the cause of psychological disorders. There four models known as Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Cognitive approaches, and each model has a distinct view which helps to provide extra research and treatment approaches as a result.

However, psychologists have split views in terms of analyzing the disorders; some believe that disorders must originate from psychological causes whilst others believe that the disorders could be based on biological causes. A brief description and an evaluation is going to be looked at for both, Biomedical and Psychodynamic models and an outline of their usefulness will also be accounted for.

Biological psychologists would explain that mental disorders are the consequences of biological systems due to the fact that, they regard abnormal behavior in terms of abnormal biology. In fact, the biological model is also known as the medical model because it categorizes abnormality as a physical condition and it is the model that addresses mental disorder as an illness.

Since it is see seen from the perspective of medicine, its concept for mental disorders, resemble that of physical illnesses, which means psychological disorders have under lying biological or biochemical causes. These are thought to arise from Infection by germs, inherited systemic defect, neuro-chemical factors and effects of trauma.

Abnormal Behavior

Freud developed the Psychodynamic model, though some of other psychologists changed some of its emphasis, most of the original assumption for this model is still actively used. Freud believed that humans are born with the id part of our personality and later on in life when people socialize into the moral standards of their culture then our super ego is developed. Freud explained that a well-adjusted person develops a strong ego and therefore able to manage their personality.

Although the biological approach is known to have fairly witnessed astonishing success in treating mental disorders with drug cures, it has also been criticized for having its focus on the symptoms and therefore whenever drugs are stopped, the symptoms return which means the root of the problem is not being addressed. This approach tends to use classification systems such as DSM and ICD, which have been doubted for their consistency and validity. Its scientific standing and links with medicine, the medical model is known to have gained popularity and credibility, but on the other hand, danger of over diagnosis of mental illness and long dependency on drugs, which risks severe side effects, has also been addressed.

The Psychodynamic model on the other hand has also been criticized for its validity, the fact that it carries out clinical interview and case studies for its experiments, it does not subject to scientific, empirical analysis. This means the central forces of the brain are unconscious, therefore making it difficult to observe directly.

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Its theory is referred to as deterministic because it finds childhood attachments to parents, in the very early stages is crucial for personality development. Apart from the above criticism, the model is identified as the origin of modern day cures. The biological model treats mental disorders as physical illnesses.

Somatic drugs such as minor and major tranquillizers or antidepressants are widely used. Chemotherapy is also regarded as effective and the main treatment of mental illnesses because of the assumption that chemical balance is the main cause of the problem. However, it is clear that my uncle suffers from every. In reflecting on the above outlined competency, I found myself thinking, without the existence of abnormal human behavior, my life would not have been as interesting as it currently is. Throughout my adolescent years, primarily through observing others consistently, I was able to develop a profound interest and dedicated pensive thoughts into understanding the cognition and behaviors of human beings.

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As such, I would spend hours weekly, trying to understand why individuals think differently, seek. Abnormal behavior is also caused. The Psychology of Abnormal Behavior can be describe as has having a behavior that deviates form what is the expected and normal. If abnormal psychology is the study of unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and though, then Hollywood depiction of mental disorder in the movie Helen meets the criterion of the teaching of Dr. On the outside, Helen Aheley Judd has the perfect life a loving family, a beautiful.

Such a broad description provides a valuable basis for examining the abnormal phenomena. I further declare that I have cited all sources from which I used language, ideas and information, whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, and that any and all assistance of any kind, which I received while. Nevertheless, determining insanity among sanity has proven to be much more complicated than it sounds. An individual whose behavior strays from societal standards is not necessarily abnormally deviant or insane.

Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior Introduction The developments of psychopathology and abnormal behavior sciences have achieved significant progress. However, key issues that seek to determine various causes and presentations of psychopathology continue to emerge.

Notably, the identification of a better model or perspective that explains psychopathology better than other models continue to elicit varied debates. Simply Psychology.

Abnormal Behavior

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