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How to Write Up a Discourse Analysis

In this case, you can structure your results section around key themes or topics that emerged from your analysis of the data. For each theme, make general observations about what the data showed. For example, you might mention recurring points of agreement or disagreement, patterns and trends, and individual responses that were particularly significant to your research question.

You can clarify and support these points with direct quotations. Further information such as full transcripts of your interviews , if appropriate can be included in an appendix. When asked about video games as a form of art, the respondents tended to believe that video games themselves are not an art form, but agreed that creativity is involved in their production. The criteria used to identify artistic video games included design, story, music, and creative teams.

One respondent noted a difference in creativity between popular video game genres:. It is clear from the responses that video game consumers consider some types of games to have more artistic potential than others. The results chapter should objectively report the findings, presenting only brief observations in relation each question, hypothesis or theme.

These are more suitable for the discussion section , where you will interpret the results in detail and draw out their implications. In the conclusion , you will synthesize your questions or hypotheses into an overall answer to the main research question. You've finished writing the results section! Use the other checklists to further improve your thesis. This has been incredibly helpful.

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Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Generate your APA citations for free! Home Knowledge Base Dissertation Dissertation results section. Dissertation results section Date published October 27, by Bas Swaen. Receive feedback on language, structure and layout Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on: Academic style Vague sentences Grammar Style consistency See an example.

You have completed your data collection and analyzed the results. Only results that are relevant to your research aims and questions are included. All tables and figures are correctly labelled and referred to in the text. The results are supported using tables, figures or quotes as appropriate. If hypotheses have been formulated, they are confirmed or rejected. No information from other studies has been presented as your research results.

There is no interpretation or speculation on the meaning of the results. Qualitative data is difficult to present neatly in tables and figures. It is usually expressed in words, and this results in a large quantity of written material, through which you must guide your reader. Structure is therefore very important. Try to make your sections and subsections reflect the themes that have emerged from your analysis of the data, and to make sure your reader knows how these themes evolved. Headings and subheadings, as well as directions to the reader, are forms of signposting you can use to make these chapters easy to navigate.

Dissertation results write up

You can read more about reporting qualitative results in the next section, Reporting conventions. Reporting conventions differ according to whether the data involved is quantitative or qualitative. The purpose of the results section of the thesis is to report the findings of your research.

You usually present the data you obtained in appropriate figures diagrams, graphs, tables and photographs and you then comment on this data. Comments on figures and tables data commentary usually have the following elements:. Table 5 shows the most common modes of computer infection in Australian businesses. As can be seen in the table, home disks are the most frequent source of infection.

Instructions: Click on the text below to identify the location element, summary and highlighting statement. Sometimes a reduced location element is used which gives only the table or figure number in brackets after the highlighting statement. If you are discussing your findings in a separate chapter or section, limit your comments here to the specific results you have presented.

The reporting of qualitative data is much less bound by convention than that of quantitative data. The data itself usually consists of words, from written documents or interview transcripts but may include images , which have been analysed in some way, often into themes. The data needs to be connected back through the layers of detail to the overarching research question it relates to. This can be done through the introductions to carefully-structured sections and subsections.

Individual data extracts can be connected back into this structure through a process of 'tell-show-tell'. Click on the highlighted text below to read the comments. In the Introduction to the thesis, this section has been explicitly related to one of the research aims:. Compare and contrast the publicly expressed values with the professional values embedded in the personal philosophies articulated by a cohort of early childhood student teachers.

The introduction to the section forecasts the themes that will be illustrated. In analysing the interview data, two themes emerged which will be discussed in this section.

How to Write an APA Results Section

These themes were: the complexity and challenges of working with families and the professional satisfaction and challenges of program planning for children in preschool or childcare. For each of these graduates, Introduces the second theme by picking up the keywords professional, satisfaction, children and challenges from introduction. Angela suggested that in her second year of teaching she had changed in that she was programming in a "more child oriented" way. Introduces data extract as an instance of improving pedagogy tell.

Data extract show. These comments Comments on the extract, connecting the students practice with her professional values, one of the aspects the research aim sets out to investigate.

Writing the Results Section for a Research Paper

In the discussion of your findings you have an opportunity to develop the story you found in the data, making connections between the results of your analysis and existing theory and research. In your discussion you must draw together your research question and your own research results. If the discussion is in a self-contained chapter or section you will need to briefly summarise the major findings that come from the research and relate them to what you originally proposed to find out.

If your research is testing a hypothesis, you need to answer these questions:. Since one of the requirements of a doctorate is to make a contribution to knowledge, it is essential to show how your results fit in with other work that has been done in your field. Another aspect of making clear the contribution of your research is to draw out the implications of your findings. Depending on the nature or your research, these will probably be related to:.

The skill in writing a successful discussion is in moving backwards and forwards between others' research and your own research, making it clear:. Remember that you are dealing with three different issues and the three must be clearly differentiated for the reader. Some techniques to differentiate your own research from previous research in your writing these are suggestions, not rules, and your best guide is to see how other writers in your discipline do this :.

Discussing results and drawing conclusions involves making claims about interpretation, significance and applicability.